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Green thumb


Requested by: Anonymous 

PromptDonghae likes plants. (a little too much)

Word count: 1,191

Genre: Crack | Slight romance ?? | Comedy

Admin Vincent: I had a bit too much fun with this… I saw this in the inbox and no one had really touched it so i kinda took it in my own hands since i thought it was amusing. Of course, i write at 3am so im sorry for typos and such. :) There’s a treat at the very end from my skype convos on how to get this drabble started xD

“What in the hell are you doing?”

It’s not uncommon for Hyukjae to ever curse in his hectic, stressed life of being a dancer and supporting his boyfriend for the six years they had been together. It’s not like his life was easy, and it wasn’t like Donghae’s was either. His work was more of a freelance kinda thing, planting, potting, building sheds and digging into fresh dirt for new gardens while earning pay when he could. Hell, it was a lot of work and labor for little treats in the end, and Hyukjae was a little more than surprised that Donghae wasn’t mistaken for being a shadow at this point after being in the sun for so long and so often.

“I’m hugging Jay. He gets lonely.” Donghae huffs, turning to his boyfriend who was standing at their greenhouse’s door, holding a bag of take out that was just for them on this particular Monday evening he got off early from. He sets down the heavy pot that was supposedly a large hibiscus plant, awkwardly squatting down low, jutting out his butt and knees while leaves and flowers attacked his face from the odd angle. Donghae grimaces and sputters before straightening his back and groaning lightly.

“Why do you name your plants still? I thought I told you to stop and you said you would.” Hyukjae sighs while dropping the bag on a nearby work table, shoving away the small hand shovels and various packets of seeds that were scattered everywhere. Was there no safe place from Donghae’s obviously weird hobby? He had nothing against plants themselves. In fact, he was more than happy to see Donghae bring baskets home of organic, grown vegetables and fruits he didn’t have to pay for. (It’s not that they were on a strict budget at this point of their lives, he was just plain cheap)

“I can’t!” Donghae says with eyes wide, mouth open and eyebrows up high. The younger man makes gestures to the entire greenhouse that was filled with—… well greenery. “Jay gets really lonely when no one hugs him for more than four hours so while I’m tending to the rose sisters— and family, I gotta come by and give him a squeeze.” Then he points over the seedlings that were placed in small pots to sprout on the floor. There had to be a dozen of them at this point and Hyukaje furrows his brows at the sight.

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